Patapon Unite Logo

Patapon Unite is a non-profit, community made sequel to Patapon 3, running on the Unity engine.

It features:

A new quest for the Patapons
After the Patapons finally made it to earthend, they had nothing else to do, until that tower erupted from the ground...
Brand new graphics, sounds, and content!
Thanks to the game being devloped on the Unity engine, the game can run on many more platforms, assets can be remade to fit greater screen resolutions, and sounds can be of greater quality. Wanted to ever run Patapon in 4K 60fps? Now you can!
What are you waiting for? You can track development of the game as well as download development versions here!

BTC: 14dncH3FijF5B3ttH9y4J9F6d4Y7LCY9x6
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